Update 1

August, 2018

The initial phase of this project will be to purchase games and toys in the US and ship them to the port city of Guinea at Conakry and distribute them to the children on selected days for selected ages for free. We will also purchase approximately one acre of land to construct a building that we will use as a distribution center and office location. We will continue to distribute toys and games on and on-going basis from this location. The further phases of this project will be to obtain land from the government to construct a soccer field and basketball court for the children to use under supervision and to offer this for free as well. This project will require funding from donors like you.


Update 2

March, 2019

We have obtained 6 acres of land just outside of the second largest city in the Northwest of Guinea in the District of Diankana. We have surveyed the land and received legal ownership of the property. Our next step is to clear off the property of brush and shrubs and to make it a level playing field. We will then create a plain soccer field for the time of being for the kids to use. We will continue to upkeep the property while we continue our fundraising efforts in order to install fencing around the property. Once that is completed, we will again continue fundraising in order to construct a building that will contain a game room, office, and storage area for equipment and toys. Our next task will be to build a basketball court and a real socer field made with AstroTurf. We have a very exciting time ahead of us and many children to serve.